About me

Hello!!! Thank you for stopping by!

Designer, Illustrator, concept artist... I'm an enthusiast for art and creative expression. It all started with monsters and fantastical creatures inspired through books, movies, and video games. As a child, I would escape into fantasy worlds with my fantastical friends. This grew into a singular ambition of wanting to bring these worlds and these creatures to light through art! 

Never one to stop sketching and doodling I went on to get a BFA at Montana State University. It was there I fell in love with printmaking and brought my creatures into different styles of printing. From there I worked as a T-shirt printer for years but eventually I wanted to BE the one to design things and see things I made, so, I returned to my love of sketching, drawing, and painting to start my freelancing and independent work.

I'm still working my way through the big and crazy world of professional art but with my one driving ambition, I am growing in leaps of bounds and am just crazy excited to see where it goes!

Drawing Software

Currently I work in Procreate, Photoshop, and Clip Studio Paint.

Other Software

I'm currently learning to animate illustrations in Adobe After Effects as well as make vector based illustrating and graphic design in Adobe Illustrator.. I'm also playing in Zbrush for creative 3-d fun. As well as playing in blender and Unity. 

Tools of My trade

I use a Wacom intuos pro and an Ipad pro (2020) for my digital works.

And traditional works I use Inks, watercolors and gouache for my illustrations.